Thursday, September 26, 2013

Sound Packs and Soundtracks A'Plenty, Revisited...Again...

Alright, so long story short more than half of the sound packs and soundtracks I had hosted on MediaFire got flagged somehow by their copyright system, so as such I re-uploaded them all to a different host (  Also, in response to some complaints I received when I originally uploaded these files, I have repacked all of the sound packs and soundtracks into .zip files as opposed to .rar files, and I have also combined all of the separate packs for certain SFX / music into one single pack since Mega does not impose 200mb file size limits per upload (ie. the entire APM Music Collection is available in a single archive now as opposed to twelve separate ones).

End transmission. *click*


Explosions (#1-2)
Grotesque Sounds (#1-3)
Gunfire (#1-2)
Hanna Barbera Sound Effects Library
Impacts and Debris (#1)
People, Crowds and Body Sounds (#1)
Whooshes (#1)


APM Music Collection (#1-12)
APM Mini Music Pack (#1)

*also kudos to the anonymous individual who alerted me about several of the packs being taken down*


Keith_Fozmire said...

Thank you Mr. Tennek!

I was going to send you a PM on youtube to see if you were still alive because I have been re-watching all the Fred Fuckstone stuff, but nice to know you aren't dead :P

Mark Solomon said...
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Mark Solomon said...

For some reason, some of these downloads give me a "Temporary Error, retry" error and won't download no matter what I do. Can you check to see that these work so that I can see if the error is coming from my end? Thanks.

The ones that are giving me the errors are the people sound effects, gunshots, and the hanna barbera sound effects.

John Tennek said...

I just checked all of the links and they all loaded just fine for me, so it seems it's some sort of issue on your end.

Mark Solomon said...

I finally got through the error. It seems that it would fail to download the first time and then it would download properly albeit slower than usual. I guess all it took was a bit of patience.

The Enclosed Instruction Book said...

What about you, Tennek? Do you count as sound effects? Can we use you in videos? I really liked your award winning performances as saiya pepol and kuralla.

John Tennek said...

I am indeed a living and breathing, sentient sound effect. Use me to your hearts content~

Evangelina Solares said...

¡Thanks Jhon!, Cheers from Argentina, South America!.

Anonymous said...

Thx u for sharing , can u recommend similar sound pack to this one?

Innocent Saqib said...

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