Thursday, September 26, 2013

Sound Packs and Soundtracks A'Plenty, Revisited...Again...

Alright, so long story short more than half of the sound packs and soundtracks I had hosted on MediaFire got flagged somehow by their copyright system, so as such I re-uploaded them all to a different host (  Also, in response to some complaints I received when I originally uploaded these files, I have repacked all of the sound packs and soundtracks into .zip files as opposed to .rar files, and I have also combined all of the separate packs for certain SFX / music into one single pack since Mega does not impose 200mb file size limits per upload (ie. the entire APM Music Collection is available in a single archive now as opposed to twelve separate ones).

End transmission. *click*


Explosions (#1-2)
Grotesque Sounds (#1-3)
Gunfire (#1-2)
Hanna Barbera Sound Effects Library
Impacts and Debris (#1)
People, Crowds and Body Sounds (#1)
Whooshes (#1)


APM Music Collection (#1-12)
APM Mini Music Pack (#1)

*also kudos to the anonymous individual who alerted me about several of the packs being taken down*